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Mustang Daily staff vs. Cal Poly basketball 4/8/10

Mustang Daily staff vs. Cal Poly basketball 4/8/10

Writing career takes off from Cal Poly

Matt Johnson never read an assigned book in high school. Not because he didn’t like to read, but because he didn’t like reading things other people told him to read.

Cal Poly vs. UCSB

A video of the men’s final game against UCSB.

Cabo San Luis fire determined arson

The cause of the fire March 3 at Cabo San Luis was determined to be arson last Friday.

Students, faculty protest budget cuts

Students and faculty came out to protest budget cuts to the CSU system March 4.

Golden Gate Bridge jumper speaks at local mental health event

He walked, tears streaming. For 40 minutes John Kevin Hines paced the Golden gate Bridge crying, hoping that someone would notice- that someone would care enough to stop him and talk.

Statewide conversation about educational fees

Last Tuesday night, Senate President Pro Tem Darrell Steinberg (D-Sacramento) held a live Web cast with student representatives from the University of California, California State University and California Community College systems. There was a pre-recorded “day in the life” segment…

Community leaders in Asia parallel Cal Poly

A political science professor from University of California, Santa Cruz who studies the social organization of neighborhoods in China and Taiwan spoke at the University Union Monday.

Capelton performance at Downtown Brew canceled

Downtown Brewing Co. canceled Wednesday night’s reggae performance after a number of groups voiced concerns about the performer’s anti-gay lyrics.

Poly students part of annual mental health survey

The Cal Poly Health Center is conducting a survey among students to determine the need for information on mental health.

Mental health campaign launched in SLO

A documentary aimed at changing the perception of mental illnesses in San Luis Obispo County was released Feb. 4 at the Supervisor’s Chambers at the County Government Center.