Mikaela Vournas
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Ten things you learn from studying abroad

It is still mind-blowing to me that I was able to fly 8,000 miles away from home only to be dropped in a seemingly random place on this huge planet.

Striving to live the Thai Buddhist way

My Buddhist philosophy professor is a 40-something white man from New Jersey. He was ordained as a Buddhist monk in China and practiced in Thailand for many years. He is also a surgeon.

Thailand’s Full Moon Party: insomnia, insanity and magic

Nobody celebrates the full moon better than the local Thais of Ko Pha Ngan. Wait, that’s not right. Nobody celebrates the full moon better than the westerners on holiday in Ko Pha Ngan.

Thailand: From the honeymoon stage to home

There are three phases a study abroad student theoretically goes through while abroad: honeymoon, hostility and home. I have been in Thailand for approximately two months, and I can say with a fair amount of certainty that I skipped the hostility phase completely.

Embarking on a Thai expedition

The train squeaked and shook gently as it left the loading dock. Hungry, tired and unreasonably excited, I boarded an overnight train from the bustling southern Thailand city of Bangkok, bound for my ultimate destination, the mountainous northern city of Chiang Mai.