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Karma can be good, too

Hello again. It’s been a crazy week — most classes have begun getting into midterms, and time seems to be flying by. Can you believe it’s already getting into the fifth week of school? Because I know I sure can’t!…

Our big crazy family

While never having written a blog before (and I mean never), I’m going to do my very best here to be interesting to any and all of you who read this. I, along with the other editors, do thank you…

San Luis Obispo City Council approves changes to Johnson Avenue

The San Luis Obispo City Council unanimously approved lane changes on Johnson Avenue.

Local charity raises money for special needs children

Jack’s Helping Hand, local non-profit charity, attracted 650 attendees and accumulated a total of $187,000 at a Santa Margarita barbecue fundraiser for special needs children and families.

Senate Bill allows state of California to borrow money from UC, CSUs

California State Assembly passes Senate Bill 79 on July 11, allowing the state of California to borrow from the University of California and California State University.

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