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And God said, 'Let there be Metal'

Bone-crushing riffs, pounding double-bass, scathing vocals and haunting synthesizers do not typically come to mind when thinking of a Christian worship band. But for the six guys who comprise See The Light, heavy metal couldn’t be a better expression of their love for God.

Kramer wins ASI presidency

After what seemed like an agonizing half-hour delay, Associated Students Inc. representatives

Kramer wins ASI presidential election

After what seemed like an agonizing delay, Associated Students Inc. representatives announced to an anxious crowd in the University Union that Angela Kramer had been elected Associated Students, Inc.’s new 2008-09 president.

In what came down to a close decision between Kramer and her rival, Melissa Lema, Kramer came out ahead with 2,906 first and second choice votes, accounting for 57.

GTA IV brings back the fun and controversy

Let me cut right to the chase for those who don’t already know – “Grand Theft Auto IV” is killer in more ways than one.

Everything that fans of the video game series have come to know and love – the violence, humor, superb dialogue and non-linear game play – has remained intact, but a plethora of new features have been added to the mix.

Web site targets downtown crowd

For people who wake up after a late night of drinking at their favorite bar and are unable to recall exactly what happened, can help.

The Web site specializes in documenting San Luis Obispo’s bustling nightlife. Those who frequent the local bar or club scene have probably already been approached by one of NiiTES.

Bowling class fee increases

Students enrolled in Cal Poly’s bowling classes are finding they have less money to spare since the fee for course materials has

Olowolafe to compete with Women's National A2 Team

Sometimes it pays to be defiant. Just ask Dominique Olowolafe.

The middle blocker for the Cal Poly women’s volleyball team has a “refuse to lose” attitude that allowed her to shine last season as a freshman.

In late March, Olowolafe landed a spot on this year’s United States Women’s National A2 Team, the elite training squad below the women’s national team itself.

Phase one of Rec Center expansion underway

Students will soon be able to use the upper fields of the Sports Complex year round, rain or shine, thanks to new synthetic turf being installed later this year.

The replacement of natural grass with synthetic turf is expected to be completed this fall, according to Associated Students Inc.

From a desk job to a dream job: folk star comes to SLO

Big breaks are rare in the music business. Even more unusual is when they fall into your

Student activists make changes to Poly

Most of us think of “industrial revolution” as a thing of the past, but for some Cal Poly students, the time for change within industry

Construction changing the face of campus

The Cal Poly that freshmen see today may differ greatly from what they see upon graduation, since big changes are underway in the form of new and ongoing construction projects around campus.

Besides the two major construction projects visibly in the works – Poly Canyon Village and the Center for Construction Excellence – two other projects are already in the pipeline: the Recreation Center expansion and the new Center for Science and Mathematics.