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Alum cartoonist following his passion

Being an artist runs in Kelly Ferguson’s family. His grandfather and great-grandfather were painters, and Ferguson, 32, also paints, but what really makes his face light up is cartoons.

“Growing up, I loved going straight to the comic section in the newspaper, and my dad used to cut out cartoons and put them on the fridge, which I really loved,” Ferguson said.

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Poly bull rider No. 1 in country

The bull’s nostrils are flaring with anger, and the rider slips his hand into the ropes that will fasten him to the sizable beast. For the next eight seconds, man and bull will be tied together in a battle of who can withstand the other longest.

“There can be no doubt in your mind about getting hurt, or that you can’t do this,” says Cal Poly’s Josh Verburg.

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Exploring the Central Coast

San Luis Obispo contains a wide variety of activities for students escaping campus life. The list of possibilities is in no way short, but if all the eventful places are mentioned, the mystery of finding memorable places on your own is gone. So here is a rough guide of places to check out while in the heart of the Central Coast.



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