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The process of ending partisanship in government begins with us

Partisanship pervades California politics. The state got a dose of the disease when the state Senate rejected Arnold Schwarzenegger’s appointment to lieutenant governor, Abel Maldonado. He is a Republican appointment, which is natural since the governor is Republican. But that’s no excuse for Democrats to reject his appointment for no reason other than his political affiliation.

The Tea Party movement does not reflect the values of the original Republian Party

Created as part of the abolitionist movement, the Republican Party has shifted and morphed since its conception just before the Civil War. It was the party of Lincoln. It was the party of freedom and equality for all, and it was the party of a progressive social movement on behalf of the voiceless and the powerless.

Barack Obama needs to stop passing the football to Republicans

Barack Obama just needs to stay on track and not give concessions to Republicans simply because the media reports that the tide is turning in America, and the Republicans won Massachusetts.

In light of Senate loss, Dems should ask: what would Wilberforce do?

If Wilberforce had settled with his detractors for an abolitionist bill which merely decried the slave trade and did nothing to ameliorate those conditions, history would not have remembered him.

Show Wall Street you mean business: Move your money into a community bank

Everyone knows the story of George Bailey in “It’s a Wonderful Life.” George represents the average, family-oriented, kind-hearted American.

Democrats need to readjust their strategy if they want to win in

It has been almost a year since President Obama took office, and almost a quarter of his first term has passed. But, for better or worse, we also wave goodbye to a decade. Some are calling it “The Decade from Hell”–and perhaps rightly so.