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Get in your swim suit and watch a movie at the pool? That’s right! Associated Students, Inc. is playing “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End” at the Recreation Center pool tonight.

With the help of a floating movie screen, students will be able to watch the movie while floating in the pool and sipping on mocktails.

Students can either hang out in the pool or sit in lounge chairs on the pool deck. “Pirates of the Caribbean” will begin playing at 7:30 p.m.

The entire event is free, but guests must present their student ID card. Approximately 300 students will be able to attend this ASI event. Students should come to the event through the main entrance of the Recreation Center.

There will be a free barbecue at 6:30 p.m. in the pool area by the volleyball courts for a limited number of students. Mocktails will be served during the barbecue and throughout the movie.

The floating movie screen is 20 feet wide and 13 feet high. It will be placed in the middle of the pool. Floatation devices will be available for students to use while watching the movie.

All safety precautions are being taken for the event, according to Michelle Curro, Program Coordinator for ASI. There will be three lifeguards on duty, as well as one or two facilities supervisors.

There is a maximum capacity for the pool, so students should be sure to arrive on time to be able to attend. If necessary, the movie screen will be moved farther from the middle of the pool to allow more people to see the screen from around the pool deck.

ASI puts on events each quarter that allows students to view free movies and “Pirates on the Pool Deck” is a chance to have a different venue, according to Michelle Broom, Public Relations/Media Coordinator of ASI.

“It is a great event to have early in fall quarter while the weather is still nice,” said Curro.

Tentatively no lap swimming will be allowed during “Pirates on the Pool Deck.” If there is no effect on the floating screen from the rippling water, possibly one or two swim lanes will be opened, according to Curro.

The event was the idea of a student member of the ASI Events Staff. The ASI Events staff is made up of one full-time member and five student members, each specializing in a different area.

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