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Kappa Alpha Theta held its philanthropy event, Rock the CASA, this past weekend. Sacramento band Street Urchinz was among the four bands who performed at the event.

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Reggae, soul, blues and lots of sorority women in red promotional tank tops: this was Rock the CASA 2014.

The philanthropic music showcase hosted by Kappa Alpha Theta lined up four bands, three of which call San Luis Obispo home. The show raised funds for CASA of San Luis Obispo County, which advocates for abused or neglected children in court.

The event, held in Chumash Auditorium, kicked off 30 minutes late at 6:30 p.m. with Sacramento band Street Urchinz.

The band took the stage as a mess of moppy hair and tie dye, but surprised its spectators with a set of tight, soulful, dance-inspiring reggae and rock.

Vocalist and lead guitarist Tommy Norman took charge of the stage with extravagant dance moves, behind-the-head guitar solos and a head of long, curly hair following close behind him as he ran back and forth across the stage.

Street Urchinz’s first song was “Pass the Jäger,” after which Norman reached out and greeted the sea of red tank tops before him.

“I hope we’re rocking the casa for you girls,” he said.

The show’s audience primarily consisted of its hosts, members of Kappa Alpha Theta. Non-members occasionally trickled into the venue, but hovered among the back rows of empty chairs rather than chancing the dance floor.

Psychology freshman and Kappa Alpha Theta member Monica Friar thought the initially scant audience had to do with the show’s location and time, on campus and early on Friday evening.

“I felt like there were a lot of other things going on at that time and it also started very early, which prevented a lot of people going if they wanted to,” Friar said.

Also standing around the back of the auditorium were members of local band Próxima Parada, slated to take the stage after Street Urchinz.

Próxima Parada began its all-original set at 7:30 p.m., at which point the audience began to fill the auditorium. Crowd members gathered before the stage to listen to the band’s collection of bluesy soul and folk.

Vocalist Bryson Bailey introduced the band’s second song, “Good Time.” The tune’s verses alternated between upbeat rock and cut time blues, which both captivated the audience and confused dancers.

The crowd continued to grow with fans sporting stickers and other paraphernalia supporting local band Louder Space, which was up next.

Louder Space took up instruments an hour later and launched into its set. The band seemed to hit a few uncomfortable snags, such as a smoke machine that didn’t do much except shield the drummer from view.

The band assumed several different genres throughout its performance. At some moments, it sounded indistinguishable from rock band 3 Doors Down — at other moments, they busted out a reggae vibe or a guitar solo reminiscent of 1980s rock.

Friar said she liked Louder Space most out of the lineup, though she appreciated all the music she heard that night.

“Louder Space’s music was more my taste, personally,” she said. “But I thought there was a good variety in the bands. They didn’t all play the exact same type of music.”

Last but not least was local band Moonshiner Collective, who chilled out the show’s vibe with an acoustic guitar and drums duo playing a set of folk rock. The crowd of listeners dispersed during the stage change, but was back in full force by Moonshiner Collective’s second song.

Guitarist and vocalist Dan Curcio said he enjoyed being a part of a show that benefited others.

“It’s always a good time going back to Cal Poly, and always great to be part of a good cause,” he said.

Curcio praised Kappa Alpha Theta’s philanthropy and service director Dani Berton for her work organizing the showcase.

“We had a great time,” Curcio said. “Dani and all the ladies involved did an impressive job with putting it all together.”

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Joseph Pack/Staff Photographer

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