The greater San Luis Obispo area has an abundance of off-campus study spots, just waiting to be occupied by studying students who need to get away from the hustle and bustle of the University Union and the Robert E . Kennedy Library or the comfort of home. Finding that perfect de-stressing spot though that combines delicious coffee, tasty treats and a comfortable study area can seem like an impossible feat. But don’t fret — here is a list of some popular study spots students have found around town.

Linnaea’s Café

This café, located on Garden Street across from SLO Brewing Co. and Bel Frites, is known as the first coffee shop in San Luis Obispo. Designed to bring together music, art, food and drink, Linnaea’s features wall-to-wall art from local artists and local musicians in its “living room.”

Graphic communication and business senior Chaz Daum, a barista at the shop said her favorite part about working at Linnaea’s is its homey feeling.

“When people walk in, we often say ‘Welcome home,’ because really, Linnaea’s feels like home to us,” she said.

It might be the at-home feelings that lures customers in, but its overall ambience that makes them stay.

Art and design sophomore Allison Rogge said she loves the outdoor garden area the café has.

“It’s lovely to sit out there on a hot day and sip a Thai iced tea,” she said. “Plus, there are outdoor plugs for your laptops.”

Linnaea’s café also a wide variety of loose-leaf teas, homemade goodies and gluten-free options, in addition to coffee.

Kreuzberg, CA

One of the newer shops in town, Kreuzberg is known as a “coffee lounge and book bar.”

Recently the literary-inspired shop moved from its small location on Monterey Street to the former location of Golden China restaurant on Higuera Street, adding more than twice the floor space and a revamped menu.

Aside from traditional coffee, tea and pastries, Kreuzberg has a full dining menu, with dishes named after famed writers. The walls are also lined with hundreds and hundreds of books for browsing as well as purchasing.

Kreuzberg’s interior is complete with vintage tables and chairs, couches and long dining room tables, all of which are available to study or lounge on.

Art and design graduate Kevlyn Walsh said she chooses to study at Kreuzberg because of the people there.

“You never know who you’re going to meet there,” she said. “The design of the coffee shop makes it easy to meet new people.”

Studying at Kreuzberg allowed Walsh to strike up a conversation with someone new every time she needed a study break, she said.

Blackhorse Coffee

A light, open coffee shop with locations on Higuera Street, Broad Street and now on Foothill Boulevard, Blackhorse Coffee offers comfortable seating and quality coffee and pastries.

Blackhorse is art and design sophomore Kate McPhee’s favorite spot because of the open, bright environment.

“It keeps me from getting even more tired when I’m trying to study,” she said. “And their chocolate chip cookies are delicious.”

SLO Donut Company

More fondly known as SLO Do Co., this doughnut shop-turned-study spot offers free Wi-Fi and a variety of study break snacks.

Biological sciences senior Andrea Ormonde said she chooses SLO Do Co. for many reasons, particularly its hours.

“They’re open 24 hours a day, so I never have to worry about getting kicked out if I’m studying late into the night,” she said.

SLO Do Co.’s free Wi-Fi and hours of operation set it apart from many other coffee shops and study spots around town which require a code for the Internet that only works for a few hours.

Ormonde said she also enjoys the menu at SLO Do Co., which offers a donut bar with a diverse array of toppings, classic coke in a bottle and a maple bacon donut.

“It’s different, but perfect if you’re looking for a savory addition to your donut,” she said.

Mission Plaza

If coffee shops aren’t for you, but you still long to get away from the distractions of every day life, Mission Plaza might be the perfect place. The grassy area outside the mission is shaded, clean and just quiet enough to get work done.

English sophomore Brittany Hansen said she found her favorite spot on the lawn when looking for a quiet place to read downtown.

“I love studying at the mission because I don’t get many opportunities to be in the sun,” she said. “I just love being able to lay on the grass and read.”

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