In response to Matt Bushman’s political commentary, “You can’t hug your children with nuclear arms”:

Iraq was not the biggest threat to our nation’s security, as we’ve known for over two years that Saddam Hussein did not have any weapons of mass destruction. All we’ve done in Iraq is waste money, respect, and our loss of thousands of brave soldiers. We’ve ignored Iran and North Korea and as a result have given them time and motive to further develop nuclear technology. And now the country you label as “the Middle East’s youngest democracy” is undergoing a bloody civil war with no end in sight.

The way to avoid growing threats is to address the most important issues in the region, like the Palestinian strife, defeating the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, and civil liberties taken away in Iran. It’s about taking care of the people in the region, that’s the only way they will support the “West.” Instead we create sanctions and squash their economic growth. Then we wonder how some looney comes to power with growing support. It’s not that the rest of the world hates us for our freedom, they hate how we don’t allow them freedom.

In my opinion, you’ve got the wrong “axis of evil.” I see it as Don, Dick, and Bush.

Armen Ekmekji
Industrial Technology Senior

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