I whole-heartedly agree with Ms. Pearson and the others who have voiced their support for dating … to a point.

To all the guys out there, man up and tell a girl you like her instead of going the wimp’s way and leaving it for her to figure out.

And girls, stop with the vague hints and clues; if the guy you like won’t ask you out, do it yourself. We’re guys. We don’t get subtlety.

Anyway, that’s the point I agree with. Me, I’ve been together with my girlfriend for nearly four years now (yes, we started going out in high school), and I’m very glad I asked her out on a date to start with instead of just relying on hanging out.

However, at this time, since I see her an average of about once a month, I say forget dating. I mean, sure, it’s nice to go out to dinner once in a while over the summer when we get to see each other, but honestly, I’d much rather spend more time with her where it’s just the two of us instead of somewhere in public.

So yes, dating has its place, but let’s not forget the value of a little intimacy between couples. Hanging out alone and just talking and being close can be much more rewarding once you’re comfortable with each other.

Let’s not forget that relationships are complicated, and if you always demand that it be one way or no way, you might miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime.

Troy Kuersten
Aerospace engineering senior

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