Los Osos resident and Cal Poly psychology alumna Lindsay Altman never imagined the stray driftwood she collected from her local beach would spark a business idea, but in 2017, inspiration hit and did just that.

Altman began tying thrifted yarn in arrangements on the wood to create hanging wall art. With the help of online tutorials, Altman picked up macrame, the art of knotting cord or string in patterns to make decorative articles.

“I wanted to step my game up and get more creative with it, so I started going on YouTube,” Altman said. “The world is your oyster once you know a few simple knots. That’s why I love macrame.”

Altman spends hours hand making pieces for her business, Tied and True. Each unique piece captures Altman’s organic, minimalistic eye for design.

“I find a lot of my inspiration from natural beauty, and living on the coast that’s really easy,” Altman said.

When one looks at her work, the coastal influence is evident through the easy flow of cotton rope and swirling wave-like knots.

Altman has sold about 200 macrame art pieces so far. Her pieces are available online through Etsy, as well as at local markets such as San Luis Obispo’s biannual Mojo Flea and Makers Market. Local stores that also stock Altman’s crafts include the Indie Collective in Morro Bay, Growing Grounds in downtown San Luis Obispo and The Hive in Arroyo Grande.

“A lot of the shops around here love to stock local makers,” Altman said. “They take a lot of pride in the people that are here and what we create.”

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