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Business administration sophomore Greg Golf helped bring Delta Tau Delta to Cal Poly.

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After a growing interest in fraternity recruitment, Cal Poly has invited Delta Tau Delta to join the ranks of the 17 Interfraternity Council (IFC) organizations on campus.

The move is part of a long-term effort to decrease member numbers within individual chapters, Greek Life Coordinator Diego Silva said.

“We don’t want to see chapters get too big to manage,” Silva said. “I personally would like to see our fraternities average at about 50-60 members. Right now, we have some fraternities with over 120 (members).”

Last spring IFC sent out an expansion proposal to any fraternities that would like to potentially come onto campus, Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) President Jason Colombini said.

Delta Tau Delta has been meeting every Thursday and has informally chosen people for office, in the hopes they become a colony. Their choice is not finalized and must be approved by the national Delta Tau Delta fraternity, if they come to campus.

Business administration sophomore Greg Golf, who hopes to become Delta Tau Delta’s director of social affairs, said they already have 35 people committed to joining the fraternity.

Golf said he started working on bringing a new fraternity to campus last spring with English sophomore Mehra Gharibian, who wants to become the chapter president if Delta Tau Delta comes to campus. The two teamed up with friends on the third floor of Yosemite Tower 0 and reached out to friends in other residence halls.

“A lot of us wanted to make something that was bigger than ourselves,” Golf said. “We all wanted something that is going to last at Cal Poly longer than we would.”

Golf and his friends rushed in their freshman year but felt most of the fraternities were superficial and spent too much time worrying about status, he said.

Delta Tau Delta will emphasize being genuine and not excluding interested people, Golf said.

IFC is still considering inviting Alpha Sigma Phi and Phi Gamma Delta to join campus, Silva said. They will vote on the matter on Dec. 3, and will either close off expansion or place one fraternity next in line for an invitation.

To be fully recognized as a colony at Cal Poly, Delta Tau Delta must complete online officer training, present valid insurance and sign the Independent Student Organization Agreement, in addition to requirements the national organization hands down.

Correction: A previous version of this article stated business administration sophomore Greg Golf will become Delta Tau Delta’s director of social affairs and that English sophomore Mehra Gharibian will be president. These positions are informal and still must be approved.

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  1. This story is INCORRECT. Delta Tau Delta has not promised membership to any students and they have certainly not selected officers. I think the reporter is confused on the process of expansion for IFC. If you wish to learn about this new fraternity go to:

    The people in charge of starting the fraternity at Cal Poly will be the expansion staff from DTD. We expect DTD to come to Cal Poly some time in the next year.


    1. I can reaffirm Diego’s comment. The positions, membership, etc that were discussed in this article are in reference to the organized group of gentlemen interested in heading this colony, not in reference to the colony itself. The guys are very aware across the board of the merely speculative position that we hold in regard to actual participation within the fraternity colony. It seems to have been a minor miscommunication.

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