Since the winter quarter started, Cal Poly has spent approximately $107,462 on helping students to isolate off-campus as reported by The Tribune. Due to the fact that they have been at their 62-bed capacity on campus, this money has gone towards both student vouchers at the university store, as well as paying for rooms in local hotels.

The majority of the funds went to three hotels that are in close proximity to campus such as the Lamplighter Inn, Sands Inn and Hotel Buena Vista.

Those who were able to isolate themselves at home were given the option to do so provided that they did not take public transportation to get there and that there were no at-risk individuals at the household. To compensate the school is giving out $400 gift cards to the university store.

According to University Spokesperson Matt Lazier, 24 vouchers had been distributed as of Jan. 24. With about 10% of people testing positive opting to isolate at home, the majority of students have chosen to stay in the area.

Lazier was not able to get information before publication regarding the enforcement of the voucher program. While students who receive vouchers to isolate themselves at home must not travel by public transportation and must have no immediate at-risk people staying in their homes, however, it is unclear whether there is a formal agreement to ensure students follow this. Lazier also could not confirm if students that actually left, isolated at home after receiving a voucher.

As of Feb. 3, there are 22 students isolating on campus.

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