Cal Poly's campus at night in November 2021. Credit: Kayla Stuart | Mustang News

Cal Poly invites community members to participate in the upcoming Annual Night Safety Walk on Tuesday, to identify poorly lit spaces around Cal Poly’s campus.

Students, faculty and staff can meet at Bldg 70, Rm. 110, where they will be given a briefing and grouped into teams each assigned to different areas of campus. The groups will participate in reporting on under-luminated areas and complete an inspection form.

“What defines an area as “dark” can be subjective, so we solicit feedback,” Executive Director of Facilities Operations Steve Chesnut said. “We hope that the participants get a sense of pride and accomplishment in participating in this night walk.”

Chesnut, who is leading the event, wants the campus community to know that their voices are heard when expressing concern about the safety of Cal Poly’s campus. The event, which starts at 5:15 p.m., is expected to last one hour.

After the event, the input received will be translated into work orders to be assigned to the Facilities Operations’ electrical team.

The timeline of each work order is dependent on parts availability and complexity. However, Chesnut said that “the effort starts within a few weeks of receiving the feedback.”