Allison Prewitt | Mustang News Credit: Allison Prewitt | Mustang News

The Cal Poly Engineering Department is partnering with the Girl Scouts of California’s Central Coast to build a functional, life-sized Lego robot, according to a press release.

Due to supply chain issues from LEGO, the event has been postponed indefinitely. The department doesn’t yet have information on when the legos will arrive.

Industrial engineering senior Sam Miller said the robot will function as a senior project for three different engineering teams.

Miller is on the industrial engineering team which is responsible for creating the blueprint for the base and general structure of the figure. The mechanical engineering team will create a functional robot arm, and the computer engineering team will program a tablet to go inside the robot’s head, according to Miller.

Local Girl Scouts will help build the lower half of the Lego portion of the robot at the event on Saturday, and when it is done it will be placed in one of the Girl Scout stores.

Miller said that there will be six stations set up at the park that the Girl Scouts will rotate between, each with instructions on how to build the parts they design.

The point of this project, aside from building the robot itself, is to help introduce girls to the field of STEM, according to Miller.

“The idea is to get Girl Scouts exposure doing something related to STEM, and get them involved early so they can build confidence,” Miller said.

Editor’s note: This article was updated to include that the event has been postponed indefinitely.