30-Minute Update: Long lines at the health center, haunted corn maze

Mustang News anchors Taylor Phillips and Ashley DeVriend recap Mustang News’ biggest stories this week.

Mustang Minute: Cal Poly students launch Homeslice roommate app

Christina Favuzzi [follow id= “ChristinaFav”] Living with your roommates might get a little easier thanks a to new Cal Poly created app. Christina Favuzzi catches up with the creators to see how it works.

Transitioning at the speed of light

While you’re watching “Grey’s Anatomy” online for free this week, first ponder why you’ve lowered your standards and then take a moment and think about this: Not one writer, actor, director or key grip is getting a cent of profit as you sit and enjoy your McDreamy pleasure.

Q&A with Fark.com's Drew Curtis

Mustang Daily: So what is Fark all about for those who may have never heard of it?

Drew Curtis: Basically, it’s just my life. That’s probably the best description. I tend to read news and stuff all day long and started putting a Web site together of stuff that I found was funny or strange.

The 'Bully' is back

Rockstar Games: The one video game company that can’t release a single game without making national, and sometimes international, news. How many developers can boast that?

Whenever Rockstar is in the news, it usually means the infamous attorney Jack Thompson is on a mission to burn down their headquarters in Manhattan (unless they’re off making ping-pong games for unknown reasons).

YouTube overrun with nonsense

Since YouTube now has $1.65 billion and Google making it look that much more important, it’s about time someone rid the Earth of the world’s most disturbing fad; video blogging.

I can spend hours perusing the endless viral media on YouTube, but when it comes to watching video blogging, my entire body shuts off and I feel like I’m trapped in a mental hospital with clones of Joel Siegel blocking every exit.

The convenient future of the Internet

I moved into my new apartment two weeks ago and before I could get my keys, I had a Charter employee whispering words like “400 channels” and “High-speed Internet” into my ear. Being the entertainment addict that I am, I slapped a twenty in the man’s hand and had cable television and Internet installed in five minutes.