Credit: Courtesy | Kylie Crow

Whether it’s a friend’s birthday or another holiday, Inside the Box, a new online gift shop, may be able to help with the gift-giving.

In an email to Mustang News, Inside the Box founder and Cal Poly graduate Kylie Crow said that after losing her job during the pandemic, she was looking for a way to make money to pay for her education.

Additionally, after the unexpected death of her stepdad, Crow was motivated to try and create crafts, featuring memories people can hold onto. 

Experience industry management senior and Inside the Box customer Zoey Eckroth said that she’s impressed by Crow’s creativity and artistry. 

“I am blown away that she is able to create these just like in her house because I have seen her set up and it is not like a massive business space or a whole bunch of materials. It’s just her in her room just creating these ideas and items ” Ekroth said.

These items include custom wine glasses, personalized keychains, holiday ornaments and much more.

Business marketing senior Karenna Case said her experience with Inside the Box was a simple and easy process. 

“Last year she made custom wine glasses for me for Galentine’s day. She already washed the glasses for me and then they had the sticker decoration on them. It was packaged in a box. I just went and picked them up” Case said.

Eckroth has used Inside the Box for larger-scale events and she said the pricing is flexible and within range for college students.

“So, when doing bigger purchases she is able to work with you to make sure it is affordable for whatever you need” Eckroth said.

Some popular items from the gift shop include customizable nightlights, Spotify album covers, silk robes and personalized stickers.

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