Recently released film “The Invisible Man” had a budget of $9 million, and some of that was used to purchase a Cal Poly sweatshirt. 

Students took to Reddit to post a screenshot of actress Elizabeth Moss sporting wearing a Cal Poly sweatshirt in “The Invisible Man.”

Moss plays the ex-girlfriend of a crazed scientist who, after staging his own suicide, uses his power to stalk and terrorize her.

YouTube video

In the trailer, Moss is seen escaping the house while the crazed scientist is asleep. As she changes out of her nightgown and pulls on sweats and tennis shoes, it is clear that she has chosen a Cal Poly sweatshirt to wear.

“I just watched that! I thought it was a CP sweatshirt but I wasn’t sure,” a Reddit user commented 

The movie first hit theaters Feb. 28. The sweatshirt can be spotted in the trailer.

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