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The Cal Poly Loggers club is a group of students that participate in what is known to the rest of the world as timber sports. Timber sports include springboard, stock saw, underhand chop, single buck and much more.

In addition to getting credit for participating in the class, Intercollegiate Forestry Activities (NR 290), members of Cal Poly’s logging team also compete in competitions each year.

A few weeks ago, Cal Poly placed first in the 2013 Cal Conclave. Club president Sam Mullholland won “Bull of the Woods” and environmental management and protection senior Melissa Pechter won “Belle of the Woods.”

“Last year we took third at the AWFC (Association of Western Forestry Clubs), which is against every school which is west of the Mississippi,” said Nathan Toto, logging team secretary and forestry and natural resources junior. “So we’re up there. We’re pretty competitive. We’ll pretty much give anyone a run for their money.”

Intercollegiate Forestry Activities (NR 290) is a class open to all students and is taken credit, no credit. For more information on the class, visit the Cal Poly Catalog on your Cal Poly Portal.

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