Poly Playbook: Fall Sports Recap

Mustang News anchor Allison Edmonds recaps some of Cal Poly’s fall sports for the last Poly Playbook of 2014.

30-Minute Update: Athletics expands drug testing, a look at the Cal Poly Logging Team

Mustang News anchors Julian DelGaudio and Olivia DeGennaro update you on Mustang News’ biggest stories this week.

Mustang News: Biggest stories of Fall 2013

Mustang News anchors Olivia DeGennaro and Jenna Brown recap the biggest stories of the quarter.

Cal Poly Loggers chop to the top

Denzel Quarterman [follow id= “Denzel_Q”] The Cal Poly Loggers club is a group of students that participate in what is known to the rest of the world as timber sports. Timber sports include springboard, stock saw, underhand chop, single buck…

Cal Poly logging team ranks in top 10 at annual forestry conclave

Most Cal Poly students spent spring break relaxing by the pool or taking road trips with friends, but the logging team chose to unwind in a different way.