Jackie Espitia | Mustang News Credit: Jackie Espitia | Mustang News

Cal Poly will now begin offering student storage for their belongings in its three residential package centers this summer. For $220, Distribution Services will store students’ items in Canyon Post Mail Center, Pacheco Post Package Center or Sequoia Package Center. 

Prior to a student’s on-campus move-in this fall, their storage items will be delivered to their room, according to the Cal Poly student storage contract.

If a student is living off-campus this fall, they can make an arrangement to pick up their items at the storage facility, the contract stated. 

The $220 figure includes a $200 storage fee for one academic quarter, plus a $20 materials fee for a roll of packing tape and five 20″ x 20″ x 20″ boxes.

If a student wants to store an oversized item larger than a box, they must receive pre-approval from Distribution Services. Students may purchase overflow storage if they want to leave more than five items. Each additional item costs $50.

Students may purchase summer storage at Pacheco Post or online. Students will complete a contract on Adobe Sign, then pick up storage labels and packaging materials at their designated on-campus package center. They can then drop off their items at the package center during business hours.

All items will be placed in the student’s room prior to their fall quarter move-in date.

University spokesperson Matt Lazier wrote in an email that Distribution Services plans on serving 100 students this summer. If more students sign up, an additional off-campus location will be used for storage.

In previous years, Cal Poly partnered with off-campus storage facilities to keep students’ belongings. The university has offered summer storage plans for seven years and about 60 to 70 students used the service each year, according to Lazier. 

To learn more, visit Cal Poly’s student mail website or send an email at packagecenter@calpoly.edu.