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No. 11 public university in the west? Check. No. 2 computer engineering program in the nation? Check.

No. 1 on the list of Top 25 Beer Die Schools? Check.

The Instagram page @dyeislife compiled a list of universities that compete in beer die, a drinking game played by a team of four. Players need one long wood table, four pint glasses, two dice and an unlimited flow of beer.

Players determine a height the die must reach when tossed in the air and try to bounce it on any part of the opposing team’s side of the table to score a point. Teams can prevent a point from being scored by catching the die with one hand.

@dyeislife posts content of people playing beer die. The page covers beer die tournaments at schools across the nation and has more than 400,000 followers.

@dyeislife ranked Cal Poly as first, UC Santa Barbara as second and University of Colorado, Boulder as third.

Schools are ranked based on their attendance at tournaments and the amount of photo and video submissions they have sent to the Instagram page.

Cal Poly “had dye athletes consistently making the later rounds and finals at multiple Dyeislife tournaments over the course of the year,” the @dyeislife post wrote.

Beer die is a hit among different groups, from friends participating in a casual game to more intense players traveling throughout the state and country to compete.

“It does take a little more skill than beer pong, which is just throwing a ball at a cup,” business administration junior David Brusilovsky said. “Other games get old after a little bit, but I’ll play die for as long as I can.”

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