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The Construction Management teams from Cal Poly took home numerous awards from a national college contest in Reno last month.

Cal Poly attended the 2019 Associated Schools of Construction (ASC) regional competition from Feb. 6 to 9 and won more awards than any of the other 49 universities in attendance. Out of 12 total teams representing Cal Poly, five received trophies for the categories they competed in.

There are regional and national honors at the tournament, according to the competition’s website. Students can take home awards on different scales in relation to the area they represent.

Construction Management Department | Courtesy

Cal Poly students were awarded first for their efforts in three categories: heavy civil, concrete and mixed use. They were presented third place for commercial and project management. The concrete and project management categories are national honors while commercial, mixed-use and heavy civil are regional awards.

Cal Poly’s concrete team was the only team awarded first place in a national category.

“I believe we got the most first place awards out of any university. We are extremely proud to have a nationally renowned program,” Ray Ladd, the Special Projects Coordinator for the Construction Management Department, said.

Construction Management Department | Courtesy

The 2019 competition broke a participation record with 1,463 students in attendance, 96 of which were representing Cal Poly and the College of Architecture and Environment Design.

The competitions are intended to offer students real experience within the industry as well as opportunities to learn and network, according to the Construction Management Department.

Cal Poly has been participating in this competition for 31 years now and this year’s showing is one of the school’s most impressive to date.

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