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Cal Poly President Jeffrey Armstrong has laid out a draft strategic plan that is in line with his Vision 2022 goals that were introduced in May of 2014.

The plan includes six common goals:

  • Common Goal 1: Nurture the campus community
    • In doing so, the plan calls for increased communication, engagement and collaboration throughout campus.
  • Common Goal 2: Foster inclusion and diversity
    • Create an environment that is inclusive for all members of the campus community through diverse students, faculty and staff.
  • Common Goal 3: Enhance student success
    • According to the plan, the best way to engage students is through opportunities on campus, whether it be employment, housing or leadership programs.
    • Armstrong aims to have 100 percent of second-year students and 60 percent of all students living campus.
    • The plan also requires all freshmen and sophomores to live campus by 2023, which Armstrong believes will increase student success.
  • Common Goal 4: Enhance faculty and staff success
    • Provide for the needs of faculty and staff to ensure their success.
  • Common Goal 5: Develop financial sustainability
    • Create a comprehensive budget model.
  • Common Goal 6: Address capital improvement and deferred maintenance
    • Enhance and improve campus spaces and technology processes.
Also in line with these goals is Armstrong’s plan to hire a new chief diversity officer at the vice president level—a request included in SLO Solidarity’s list of 41 demands from 2015.
According to Armstrong’s email, the campus community will work together to assess the plan through forum discussions and feedback received during fall quarter. They will also come up with procedures for implementing the plan with the intention of having a finalized version by spring quarter. The Academic Senate and Associated Students, Inc. (ASI) will be invited to consider endorsing the strategic plan.
Armstrong invites the campus community to look at the draft strategic plan and provide feedback on the website under the “feedback” tab.
For more information, Armstrong’s video message and additional documents can be found here. 

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