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Cal Poly organiza foros abiertos para vicepresidente asistente de Planificación Estratégica de DEI

Editor’s note: El artículo fue originalmente escrito en Inglés. La traducción en Español fue hecha por Bryanna Hernandez. La oficina para la Diversidad e Inclusión Universitaria a mandado un correo electrónico buscando participación del campus para los siguientes foros relacionados a la búsqueda de un nuevo Asistente  Vicepresidente para la planificación estratégica y red de contactos de DEI […]

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Cal Poly presents third installment of ‘Addressing Racism and Diversity in Music Institutions’ series

Cal Poly will host a panel discussion webinar titled ‘Addressing Racism and Diversity in Music Institutions’ at 11:10 a.m. on Thursday,  April 28. This webinar is the third in a series sponsored by Cal Poly’s Music Department, the College of Liberal Arts and the Instructionally Related Activities program according to a press release from Cal […]

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Listen or Watch: Cal Poly Center for Service in Action hosts 20th annual ‘Change the Status Quo’ conference

Since 2003, Cal Poly’s Center for Service in Action has hosted social justice leaders, like writer and activist Angela Davis, and led workshops for its annual ‘Change the Status Quo.’ This year’s installment was on Feb. 26 and started out with a keynote address from Hoda Katebi, a Chicago-based writer, abolitionist organizer and creative educator. […]

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Introducing Aisle 6: a student-created publication on Asian American identity

Scrolling through the Instagram page “Aisle 6,” stories depicting the Asian American experience come to life. Born from the mind of graphic communication junior Kristy Leung, the digital publication shares pieces ranging from entertainment, music and politics and provides a space to explore and unpack racial identity.  Leung came up with the concept in August […]

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Underground Anthology: A creative writing journal created by and for BIPOC voices

As May 2020 rolled around and Cal Poly students Eddie Railsback and Juan Vergara began playing around with senior project ideas, one discussion led them to the importance of sharing intersectional experiences and the “unwritten barriers” in publishing for people of color. Thein their idea was born: a creative writing journal created by and for Black and Indigenous and people of color (BIPOC).