Cal Poly Study Abroad will be hosting their first virtual study abroad fair Thursday, Oct. 1, showcasing different Cal Poly Partner Programs from all around the world.

The Virtual Study Abroad Fair will be a two-part event. The first part of the event contains program videos the Cal Poly International Center and Cal Poly Partner Programs compiled for students to watch. The second part of the event is the live question and answer session which will be held via Zoom from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. 

Zoom links for each program will be available under the program videos on the Cal Poly Abroad website. There will be 13 Zoom rooms, one for each program as well as a general question and answer room. Program-specific Zoom sessions will have representatives to answer questions.

Some of the featured programs include Cal Poly Global Programs, Cal Poly International Exchange Programs, CSU International Programs, Council on International Exchange Education (CIEE), Cultural Experiences Abroad (CEA) and Semester at Sea (SAS).  

Study Abroad Advisor Chuck Petranek is leading the virtual event. He said he remains hopeful for a high turnout even though the event will be presented in a new format.

“Study abroad is an amazing and transformative life experience that adds tremendous depth to a student’s academic, personal and professional experiences,” Petranek said. “Attending the Virtual Study Abroad Fair is a great first step in the planning process, which can take six to nine months.”

Students will be able to attend as many Zoom sessions as they would like, post questions through the chat box for program representatives and chat with peer advisors if they have any other questions. 

Due to the pandemic, all Cal Poly study abroad programs this academic year have been canceled, however, there are still virtual options for students who want to study abroad this year. Summer and fall 2021 study abroad programs are still under consideration, according to Petranek. 

If a student is unable to attend the Virtual Study Abroad Fair, the Cal Poly International Center offers virtual drop-in advising hours with peer advisors which can be found here.

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