Ryan Chartrand

I am a supposedly graduating senior in good standing in the earth and soil sciences department. I was an exchange student for the 2006 academic year in New Zealand, attending Massey University.

Upon my return, I have been actively trying to have my grades entered into my official transcripts at Cal Poly. Massey University sent my official transcripts to the California State University International Programs at the CSU headquarters in Long Beach and, in turn, CSU sent them to Cal Poly, which acknowledged that it received the records on Feb. 12.

For the last three months, I have been waiting for these grades to be posted as part of my viewable, official Cal Poly transcripts. The 48 units I took at Massey have been approved by my department. But Cal Poly has no record of those classes and grades, according to its computer files! Officials in Records told me I had to investigate where they are.

This is UNACCEPTABLE B.S.! As a disabled student, my funds are very limited in regards to paying for Cal Poly’s administrative failures. People tell me the administration is understaffed. If it can’t afford paying a full staff to serve the students, why are there so many construction workers on campus? Please, I know the obvious answer, but isn’t the administration’s first priority to serve the students and their mode of payment whether it is by parents who supply room, board, tuition, books and parking fees or by independent grants and scholarships?

I have been fed the lame rationale of how I can still “walk” this fall when I graduate without my diploma. Big deal! Employers do not care if one is capable of walking while wearing a robe and a square hat.

I know I am not the only student being put on hold because of this inexcusable backlog of record data being lost, misplaced or gathering dereliction dust. Please, if this has happened to you, tell the administration in any way you deem fit about its lack of concern for the student body’s ability to be hired due to a nonprofit accounting bottom line which favors expansion rather than serving the present customers.

Will Rasanen
Earth and soil sciences senior

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