The Campus Dining Advisory committee will be hosting the ‘Food for Thought’ open forum in which students can provide feedback and ideas regarding campus dining.

The forum will be held on April 19 from 6:10-7 p.m. inside the University Union. Students will also have the opportunity to ask questions about campus dining directly to the panel, according to a press release.

Student participation is “extremely influential” as the Campus Dining committee gains feedback on current menu offerings and insight into how to build a better dining experience, according to Cal Poly Corporation spokesperson Aaron Lambert.

“Campus Dining always looks forward to the opportunity to sit down with students and get their feedback, ideas and concerns,” Lambert said. 

A number of students shared their concerns about the continued use of to-go containers and demonstrated a desire to improve signage on the recycling and landfill bins. Campus Dining took that feedback and worked with the facility’s sustainable team to improve the images and graphics on the bins to better educate visitors on what goes in recycling and what goes in the landfill, according to Lambert.

The Food for Thought program has influenced a lot of changes since the forum began six years ago, according to Lambert.

Campus Dining has added new seafood dishes at Red Radish, Mustang Station and Central Coaster after getting student feedback from previous forums. The Starbucks in the University Union received a makeover following a Campus Dining evaluation in the fall to make it more accessible for students to receive their orders. They also added special vegetarian and vegan icons at every dining venue to make it easier to find those items. 

Prior to the upcoming event, students can fill out a survey and submit questions to ask the Campus Dining panel.

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