Janice Edman

            No two girls are alike, as any guy who’s been through the dating scene knows.  But what a surprisingly large amount of guys don’t know is that there are universal gestures of adoration that every girl is helpless to resist.  Flowers and candy, along with the occasional little gifts, are no-brainers to keeping your girl happy.  But pleasure under the covers will win you more points than roses, Godiva, and “Sex and the City” DVDs ever could.  So here they are: the top five things every girl wants from a guy when things heat up.

            Number 1: Take charge.   Maybe she’s old-fashioned.  Or she feels nervous.  But every girl will admit that a guy who can take the reins and initiate some action definitely shows signs of being a keeper.  Especially if the two parties don’t know each other that well, the most awkward moment of a hook-up can be that point when you know you both want to, but the fear of “I’m really too tired tonight” paralyzes you from running your hand over any excitable areas.  Most girls hate the feeling of initiating ” probably a throwback to the days when young ladies who enjoyed sex were almost always compared to women of street-walking occupations.  So make the move ” she’ll appreciate it.

            Number 2: Set the scene.  Guys, if you’re room looks like a porn and beer can tornado hit it, you can bet that any girl that steps foot into it will want to run right back out.  This doesn’t mean you have to go all Mr. Clean and remove every trace of risque material from your room (thereby turning it into an empty space with a bed and bare walls).  But make your room and bed a place where she’ll want to be, and I guarantee she’ll probably be back.

            Number 3: Pay attention to her needs.  It sounds so obvious, I know.  But many of you males out there too often make yourselves the number one concern.  Sex should be reciprocal.  This means reciprocating what she does to you, and I really hope everyone knows what that means or there are probably many unfulfilled coeds here at Poly.  Don’t get worried that you’re bad at it ” that’s not really possible.  And if she enjoys it, you can be stoked on the fact that you’re making her feel so good.

            Number 4: Don’t just roll over and go to sleep.  A lot of guys don’t do the cuddling thing, but you have to look at the situation from the female perspective:  You’ve just performed the most emotional and sensual act together that two people can do.  Girls have emotions bubbling right at the surface, and in those pivotal minutes afterward we just need to keep that feeling of connection with the other person.  If you’re really into her, just holding her for five minutes, all warm in bed, should be a treat.

            Number 5:  Give her a call.  If it was the hook-up from hell, this rule may not apply.  But calling the next day, even just to say hi, makes all the difference in the world, and will most definitely increase your chances in future trysts.  This doesn’t mean to call her 10 minutes after she leaves and every 10 minutes after that.  Time it as you like, but make that phone call a priority.

            I must stress that I don’t speak for every girl here, and I’ll have to check my sources at the LGBT center for the other team’s point of view.  But all of the above pretty much prove that you really like the other person ” we just might forget to do some of those things in the heat of the moment.  So keep this handy when the right girl comes along, and trust me ” she’ll be yours.   

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