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Many students have landed jobs and internships through three annual Cal Poly career fairs. The career fairs provide students the opportunity to work with top companies before they even graduate college.

Erik Phillips

Computer science senior Erik Phillips landed a job with Apple after going through a rigorous interview process at career fair. Phillips first secured an internship with Apple, half-way through the internship, Apple offered him a full-time job, which he will begin this year after he graduates. Phillips’ approach to getting a job at the career fair was to introduce himself to as many companies as he could and establish a personal connection with them.

“I think just me getting out there and talking to a lot of different people increased my chances of being contacted and making a good solid connection with at least a few different teams that were recruiting there at the career fair,” Phillips said.

Phillips said he is looking forward to continuing his work for Apple as he has had a great experience thus far.

Itai Fish

Business administration senior Itai Fish secured a job with an accounting firm called Seiler, after acquiring an internship with the company at a career fair last year. Fish will begin his job after he graduates this year.

Fish recalls most students getting an internship or job at the Fall Career Fair, months before the fair he attended. However, as he learned, it is never too late.

“Don’t think it’s too late — there are always companies looking,” Fish said.

Fish also advised students not to compare their qualifications with others because companies do not just look at grades and what is on paper.

“Don’t look at your credentials versus other credentials and think ‘Oh, they must have gotten it because of their high GPA,’ because I think a lot of times interpersonal skills do come in handy.”

The career fairs at Cal Poly are a great way for students to dip their toes into the real world. No matter students’ majors or years, career fairs provide great opportunities.

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