Stars align for Cal Poly's first NASA Ambassador

Samantha Rawlins knew she wanted to do something space related ever since she was a little girl.

Exploring your options after graduation

Every college student faces the same decision: What to do after graduation. Graduates might choose to continue their education, get further real-world experience, go straight for their first job or even take some time off. Career Services program coordinator and…

Secure an internship to secure future employment

Erik Hansen is a graduate student pursuing a master of public policy and Mustang Daily graduate columnist. The Cal Poly Fall Career Fair came and went a couple of weeks ago. Did you attend and (more importantly) were you able…

Future freak out: students wonder about what’s next

For seniors, graduation is just around the corner. The dog-eat-dog career world is ready for your arrival, but are you ready for it?

Local and international internships that make difference

Sustainability-oriented and green-minded internships may just be a more fulfilling way to spend your summer during a down economy.