Beautiful, crisp cold that bites

My nerve endings, making my hairs stand on end.

Tonight is potential

Sand dune barbecues

Midnight moonlight beach walks and bonfires

Star lit drives, sunroof down, exploring roads less traveled.

The blood brain barrier on vacation.

There is nothing that would have these memories distorted.

As I drive down Grand

Cattle flock from dorm rooms to bitter pastures of rye

And there is nothing I can do to catch them.

Because tonight,

Tonight 6 kegs become Mecca.

I watch cattle dressed in short skirts falling in,

Marching in a faithful line

Groveling towards this holy shrine

As if it were the cure to some incurable disease.

6 kegs.

6 kegs of guaranteed good times.

6 kegs of precious poison so potent that they lure hundreds

To their fulfillment of blackouts and hangovers.

Let us bow our heads and pray:

Alpha Beta Delta Sigma Tau.

I wonder if it will die with me.

The joy of getting lost driving nowhere

Counting Crows for company,

But my soul is smiling nonetheless.

Because I was able to find Mecca

Without having to go through Greece.

– Nathan Stuckey

Social Science sophomore

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