Ryan Chartrand

The Art Center’s newest exhibit will have its opening from 6 to 9 p.m. Saturday.

“Caution: Art Zone” is a combination of pieces from artists belonging to the Art Center’s Central Coast Watercolor Society, Central Coast Printmakers and Central Coast Craftmakers groups.

Former curator Amy Grimm selected the 111 works that will be on display by 44 contributing artists. Her replacement, Gordon Fuglie, will be responsible for designing and mounting the pieces.

“‘Caution: Art Zone’ is my first project as the Art Center’s new curator,” Fuglie said. “Since my predecessor picked the pieces, I get to design (how the exhibit will be set up). The show is such a versatile array of work by our members. It will be interesting to put it together and design it this week.”

A wide assortment of mediums – from wood vases to watercolor paintings to impressionisms on canvas – will be shown. Some wall hangings are even knitted, and all pieces show the broad range of interests that local artists have. There isn’t, however, a theme to the show; it is more of a collective view of what members have produced. The exhibit will run through March 16.

Fuglie will oversee shows that will debut next year. Though he will have a say in the design of this exhibit, he has enlisted the help of preparator Patrick Terjak, who has worked for a number of museums installing pieces for exhibitions.

“Patrick is a real ace when it comes to form, and he will help me make sense of this group show,” Fuglie said.

The Art Center has exhibitions of its members’ work several times throughout the year; pieces are selected by a juror.

“The participants’ criteria is that they have to be a member of one of the three groups and can submit up to three works of art they would like to show; however, only one to two pieces are usually picked,” executive director Karen Kile explained.

“The curators often have the hardest job when it comes to exhibitions because they have to use good judgment, and it’s a balancing act of design,” Kile said.

Admission to the exhibit is free, and complimentary wine will be served at the opening.

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