The jagged coastline in San Luis Obispo County has a variety of points, rocky reefs and sandbars that produce waves appropriate for every level of surfer.

There are countless potential surfing spots dotted along the coastline, with the most frequented spots centralized around specific breaks.

Although often overshadowed by California’s other world-class surfing destinations like Santa Cruz and San Diego, the Central Coast offers some of the best surfing in California. With so many different places to choose from, crowds are hardly ever an issue.

Beginning on the North Coast, the first spot to mention is the Cayucos Pier, which can see some excellent lefts and rights with the best surf on the south side. In certain swell conditions the surf, produced by the beach’s sandbars, has the potential to hollow up and create nice tubes. However, Cayucos and the surrounding areas can be known to produce several closeouts.

Further south lays Morro Bay, where consistent surf makes it one of the most popular places to get wet on the Central Coast. Its most frequented location is on the north side of Morro rock.

The best time to hit Morro Bay is in the winter when it maintains nice wave shape in overhead swells. However, afternoon winds can blow over the waves, causing them to get sloppy.

Slightly south of Morro Bay is Montana de Oro State Park, which has several different beach and reef breaks. With shallow reefs and quick sloping beaches, Montana de Oro is one of the more challenging yet rewarding places to surf.

In the South County, Pismo Beach can be considered home base for most surfers in the area. Its long, gentle sloping beaches produce significantly slower moving waves, excellent for novice surfers, but there are very decent waves on both sides of the pier.

Pismo Beach is one of the most frequented beaches in the county, so it is always good to be weary of other surfers.

It is important to know that the water temperature on the Central Coast usually stays in the high 50s, so packing a wetsuit is a must, usually year-round.

There are a few secrets that are yet to be discovered, so enjoy the beautiful coastal area and go exploring.

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