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Misleading television a turn off

My friend has let me down. Recently, we had a misunderstanding and I decided that we should no longer see each other. I realized that my friend is holding me back and giving nothing to our relationship.

Blame it on the recent heat wave or the dullness of my tedious life as a summer intern, but I have reluctantly decided that I hate television.

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Steynberg Gallery serves up great cup o' joe

Some people scour the globe in search of exotic teas, original artwork and authentic music. For those keeping one of San Luis Obispo’s best kept secrets, these things are no closer than a walk downtown.

In a world of pre-fabricated, quick-stop coffee shops where the art and the atmosphere is as freeze dried as the coffee grounds, artist Peter J.

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Confessions of a super-senior

I am what they call a “super-senior.” Through a couple of major-changes, some careful class planning, and two absurdly patient parents I have been able to push the duration of my higher education to the breaking point.

Being in college as long as I have has allowed me the opportunity to expand my knowledge to things that I never dreamed.

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Israel-Lebanon conflict hits home

Since July 12, the conflict between Israel and Lebanon has continued to escalate despite the rising number of civilian casualties.

The fighting began after the Lebanese Shiite group Hezbollah captured two Israeli soldiers with hopes of forcing a prisoner exchange and has resulted in more than 450 deaths on either side of the border.

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Pulling the plug on POWER

For the past several months, campus administrators have been working intently to smoothly transition to an updated computer system that will change the way students register for classes.

Campus administration replaced the old mainframe computer system with a new application made by PeopleSoft, which necessitates changes to the POWER system.

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Tasty fourth of July Recipes

Baby Back Ribs with Plum Sauce
– 4 Whole slabs baby back ribs
– 1 cup plum jam or jelly
– 1?2 cup honey
– 1?2 cup seasoned salt
– 1?4 lemon juice
– 1?4 cup minced green onions
– 3 cloves minced garlic

1. Rub ribs with seasoned salt and place bone side down on roasting pan.