A new course registration system that aimed to create a seamless user experience caused several scheduling issues for Cal Poly students and faculty during the first week of winter quarter.

Multiple classes that students had registered for were unexpectedly changed or dropped without warning before the first day of winter quarter. With no face-to-face help due to COVID-19, both students and faculty members have found this quarter’s registration difficult to navigate.

When landscape architecture senior Joceylin Figueroa reviewed her class schedule on Jan. 3, she noticed she was unexpectedly dropped from a class required for her Spanish minor

“I was really frustrated because I had been trying to get into Spanish classes for my minor for three years,” Figueroa said. “It has been difficult since most of them interfere with my studio and integrated learning class times.”

The Spanish department sent her an email that this class was closed. They offered other courses for Figueroa to take, but they all conflicted with her two major classes.

In the upcoming quarters, Figueroa said she will have to continue to try to register for this minor class until she finds one that will work.

Industrial engineering senior Colette Lee wrote in an email to Mustang News that her schedule has been altered without warning since the pandemic began. This quarter, she was registered for an industrial engineering class which changed times from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. without notice. 

This specific class time was difficult to schedule because the professor is located internationally, Lee wrote.

“Having any class change times is a huge issue,” Lee said. “Fortunately, this time around it didn’t conflict with anything.”

This is not the first time Lee has experienced schedule conflict. During fall quarter, some industrial engineering classes she registered for were canceled or moved to other quarters with little notice. 

“It adds a lot of stress because I am graduating in June and I have to take these classes to graduate,” Lee wrote in an email.

Faculty members found difficulties with class schedules as well.

Ethnic Studies Administrative Support Coordinator Mei Gaffery said there have been registration issues within her department as well.

“Our department is quite small, so we are able to maneuver enrollments on behalf of our students,” Gaffery said. “But it is more difficult having many of the courses students are interested in scheduled at the same prime times.”

Gaffery tries to help students get the schedule they need, but it is not always possible. 

“Multiple GE students have complained about not being able to get classes, but there isn’t anything I can do,” Gaffery said.

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