Huzma Chowdhry’s appalling commentary (4/19) was littered with half-truths and thinking at least as biased as the “Zionists” that he criticizes.

Especially considering that this week there were nine innocent people killed by a Palestinian suicide bomber. Meanwhile, the newly-elected Hamas government defended the right of maniacs to carry out these attacks.

This is the government and the fanaticism that Huzma supports. To deny Israel’s right to defend itself from these sub-human attacks threatens the foundations of free democracies. This hatred of freedom and support of oppressive governments and gruesome brutality is despicable.

The United States has been the greatest force for freedom and prosperity in the history of the world. We were founded on the belief that all men are created equal and that each deserves to live in freedom from overbearing kings and dictators.

We ended slavery through the Civil War, destroyed Fascism and Nazism in WWII, ended communism in Russia in the Cold War and liberated 50 million from brutal Islamic dictators. It is horrifying to think what the world would be like had America not confronted these evils through military action.

Huzma criticizes these actions as “a country that flaunts its bravery as it plays world cop!” Who would you rather have projecting its beliefs and influencing the world? Hamas? France? China?

Within our lifetime, communist China will likely surpass the U.S. as a world power. Under that kind of oppression and brutality, you will beg for the days when the U.S. “played world cop.”

Matthew Bushman

Civil engineer senior

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