As a proud alumnus of this school, I was shocked that Humza Chowdhry would be allowed to print pure virulent propaganda in this schools newspaper in the Article titled “Zionism and the ongoing Israeli terrorism” April 19, 2006. It is truly disappointing that in an age where people are trying to find common ground, and reach for peace, that someone would not only use old terrorist tag-lines of comparing Zionists to Nazis, but that they would be allowed to print it. I will not even give Humza the benefit of arguing the points in this blatant attempt to incite hatred, which is not protected under the first amendment. Instead I am writing so that the rest of the readers of this paper, in this academic institution where the search for truth is of utmost importance, will hopefully take this disgusting representation of journalism and research on their own. Don’t take Humza’s word; don’t take my word at face value. Learn for yourself how Palestinians are truly being treated by their own government, learn how nine people died on Monday because they decided to go out to eat for lunch, learn how people in Israel survive everyday. There are casualties on both sides of this issue, there is no doubt of that, but the most important item to take from this is to strive to rise above violence, hatred and blatant use of lies and deception to turn peoples’ opinions. There will be peace in the Middle East when the terrorists love their children and want more for their children – more than they hate Israel. Strive for more.

Micah DeKofsky

Business graduate

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