Applications are now open for the San Luis Obispo City Council’s advisory body. There are six total volunteer positions available that are geared towards having community members review programs, projects and other issues in certain areas.

The Planning Commission, which currently has one seat available, gives the city input on ordinances, specific plans and development review. The Cultural Heritage Committee has two seats open and helps preserve historical and cultural building locations. 

The Jack House Committee has one open seat and is specifically interested in horticulture or landscape architecture students, either current or former, to help protect and preserve the historic Jack House and Gardens in downtown San Luis Obispo. Finally, the Tree Committee recommends different ideas for tree policy and regulation and has two available seats.

All of these positions require the volunteer to meet once a month. The Planning Commission seat will meet twice every month.

If you wish to apply, you must be a registered voter within the City of San Luis Obispo and be 18 years old or older. There are some exceptions to this that may be permissible by city council depending on the nature and purpose of the advisory board applied to.

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