Civility, please

As I have read the Mustang Daily throughout the year, I have been disappointed that some letters to the editor, some weekly columns and other communications among individuals in our community are not done in an attitude of respect, patience and seeking to understand.

Things are not always as simple as they seem. I was glad that our community voiced opposition to indecency when the CP Salsa posters were hung up, but please don’t label me a conservative. I sympathize with the Palestinians in their plight, but don’t think that I desire Israelis dead. I wish the tragedy of abortion never occurred, but I don’t support the misguided and disturbing display. Please don’t be quick to judge overly simplified complex issues, which create labels (for yourself or others), and spew forth sarcasm and cynicism, which polarizes our community when we really need to come together.

We all have our opinions, but if we don’t learn to truly communicate, our views will remain unchanged, and so will the world. I don’t know about you guys, but I think our world could use some change.

As fellow members of the Cal Poly community, and as the responsible individuals and leaders of our nation in the coming years, let us maintain a sense of civility, refraining from personal attacks, gross generalizations, labeling and judging, regardless of the issue at hand. There will always be two sides. If we try to understand before demanding to be understood, we just might find less war and more peace in ourselves, in our relationships, in our nation and in our world.

Mark Egan

Aerospace engineering junior

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