What merit is there in quoting the ruling on abortion in California (1972) prior to the Supreme Court decision on Roe V. Wade (1973)? Although the case mentioned in the article “Students react to controversial display,” People V. Barksdale, denied abortion beyond the second trimester, the Sternberg V. Carhart case struck down a “partial-birth abortion” ban in the state of Nebraska. Notes on the case from the Center for Reproductive Rights state that, “the Court’s decision rendered similar bans in over 30 states and Congress unconstitutional or unenforceable” allowing abortion to continue to take place throughout all three trimesters for the “health” of the woman.

In response to the statement that “I don’t think men should have an opinion” on abortion, why not? First, the argument is an ad hominem attack that fails to look at the argument. Do I have to be a member of the victim class in order to say what is happening to this human being is wrong? Do I have to be a woman to speak out for women’s suffrage or equal pay for equal work? Do I have to be living in Uganda to speak out for the “invisible children”? What would be your response if a woman made the same arguments against abortion as a man?

Arguments aside, though, as the president of the Justice for All club, thank you for dialoguing with us about abortion. Feel free to contact us at justiceforall.calpoly@gmail.com with any questions or concerns.

Matt Esswein

Business administration junior

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