Frontman AJ Absy (front) rocks out with bassist Matt Thompson (back) at ASI's Battle of the Bands. Riley Huebner | Mustang News

After the competition at Associated Students, Inc.’s (ASI) Battle of the Bands, self-described surf rock, new wave outfit The Bogeys claimed the victory.

The group officially got together during December 2016 and have been performing and recording with an ever-evolving roster of members since. Their experience playing at a variety of different venues and extensive time rehearsing shined through during their performance. According to their website, they were birthed from Cal Poly students and Whole Foods employees.

“We just started jamming and really enjoyed each other and just kept on playing. Matt and I worked together and when we were jamming together, he asked if we needed a bassist and we said, ‘Heck yeah,’” Bogeys’ drummer and Cuesta College student Josh Hill said.  

The current Bogeys’ cast consists of frontman and guitarist AJ Absy as well as drummer Hill. The group often also includes fellow founding member and bass player Matt Thompson and music sophomore Ben Kerr. These were the four that took the stage at Battle of the Bands.

When asked about the origin of their band name, Absy said it came during rehearsal.  

Frontman AJ Absy (front) rocks out with bassist Matt Thompson (back) at ASI’s Battle of the Bands.
Riley Huebner | Mustang News

“We’d go practice a couple songs and then go outside and take a smoke break,” business administration junior Absy said. “It wasn’t really about the cigarette, but more about the bonding that we had … for a hot five minutes. We came to the Bogeys and since none of us hated it, we stuck with it.”

A defining feature of the band’s musical style is the variety of tastes and musical backgrounds the members share. Hill, for example, is a huge fan of the hair metal of the 1980s and the work of Led Zeppelin’s John Bonham. Thompson claims his taste is all over the place, from Ministry to The Lizard Wizard.

“I like punk rock and old school surf music everything,” Thompson said. 

These influences are effectively worn on their sleeves, as sleepy indie beach rock is punctuated by radical riffs and explosive percussion, all in tandem with Absy’s weighty vocals. The Bogeys said they have a philosophy behind performing. 

“We want our shows to be an experience,” Absy said. “Whether you’re enjoying it because of the lighting, because of the humor, because of the environment, we want our shows to be an immersive, full sensory experience.”

The Bogeys’ upcoming shows include a live performance at the University Union Plaza March 1 and a show at The Siren in Morro Bay April 19. They also have an upcoming debut album slated to be released this year.

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