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Throughout the month of October, college campuses are celebrating Campus Sustainability Month in an effort to “raise the visibility of campus sustainability.” Because of this, students are making an effort to make more sustainable choices  — like swapping clothes or thrift shopping.

Photographer Asia Croson started a quarterly Clothing Swap and Drive with a group of her friends as a way to trade clothes with one another while she was a student at Cal Poly. Nearly a decade later the drive still continues to promote sustainability.

“Thinking about all of the clothes I could have to be buying … and then I’m not because I’m getting them here is insane,” Croson said. “All those clothes are clothes that could have been remade wherever the hell they’re being made so it’s incredible that we’re not having to have that happen.”

This year the clothing swap took place Saturday, Oct. 12.

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“I’m a pretty big thrifter … I love to go to the GoodWill bins and everything and I feel like since I’ve started I haven’t felt the need to shop online or in store for months now,” computer science senior Shelby Chen.

Chen was just one of many students in attendance who donated clothes in order to “hunt” for new clothes.

Natalie Young | Mustang News

Croson said she designed the swap to help those in the community reach out and connect with one another on a deeper level.

“I think it really connects Cal Poly students to the community because a lot of the volunteers and the people who are attending are Cal Poly students,” Croson said. “And I think the community is seeing that and seeing how much work [we’re] putting into it.”

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