Ryan Chartrand

I understand that most newspapers don’t print the crude or offensive material which Thursday’s humor column, “Tit for Tat,” is usually riddled with.

However, I wholeheartedly agree with Lee Barats when he says that the Mustang Daily censors his and Sean Michetti’s column too much.

And listen, this is a student newspaper that most people pick up to pass the time between classes – we want to laugh and enjoy it! I want more columns like “Tit for Tat” and Allison Baker’s “Love it/Loathe it.” Those are genuinely interesting and funny. The more offensive, the better!

Remember, this newspaper should cater exclusively to us students and not to the straight-laced adults. Just put them in the place of the real-world news articles that I usually skip – hey, I get my world news from online/TV where they are much more detailed and reliable.

Plus, farts are hilarious, and I already knew Hitler was an asshole, ok?

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