Ryan Chartrand

This is in response to “Public Urination Citations Common Downtown”:

SLOPD is at it again. They’re issuing ridiculous fines that target college students.

Is it really fair to fine someone $300-plus for public urination? SLOPD Capt. Blanke points out one “disgusting” incident of two men peeing into the door jamb of a retail store. Of course that’s gross and wrong, but to put it on the same level as someone peeing behind a dumpster in a dirty, smelly alley is absurd.

SLOPD, are you telling me that when you go golfing, you use a porta-potty every time nature calls? I’d be very surprised if any of you haven’t relieved yourselves in public; you may have even had one of your cop friends watch to make sure nobody was coming.

I’m not condoning peeing on windows, nor have I ever seen anyone do such a thing. I’m merely asking for treating public urination cases with subjection. Your objective should be to discourage public urination, not enforce the maximum penalty possible.

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