On Thursday, October 27th, myself and six other representatives from

Cal Poly attended a CSU board of trustees meeting in Long Beach. We were part of a statewide CSU student movement to prevent the continued unfair taxation of students through tuition increases.

Every school in the CSU system was represented. Almost 200 of us packed the meeting room to hear the board discuss and vote on the ’06/’07 budget. Several students spoke to the board and delivered the message that we are fed up with exponentially increasing tuition.

Those 200 representatives, however passionate, are not enough to change the current regime. A regime that expects California’s students to carry the burden of its investment for the future. Our higher education system benefits society as a whole and we need society’s help to maintain this great institution.

The students of Cal Poly can make a difference by helping us put pressure on our legislature to vote in favor of higher education. The time is now to make our voices heard and keep the CSU system accessible for all Californians.

You can get involved with this effort by coming by the student government office and joining the campaign. We all know that fair taxation requires adequate representation.

Darcy Kinney

Forestry junior

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