I am so tired of liberal studies majors getting so fired up about being called MRS majors. Why deny the truth? We all came into Cal Poly with one intention; to snag a soon-to-be well-to-do engineer, architect or businessman and live in suburbia for the rest of our happy lives.

Honestly, I’ve heard more than one LS major state she wishes Cal Poly had a Home Economics major.

Do we really want to become teachers? So we can babysit the female engineer’s children? No, we belong at home, having and raising children.

The skills we learn from our necessary major classes, such as Math for Elementary School Teachers and Story Telling, are obviously not for the public classroom, but for the home, where children should be taught.

All of the women on Cal Poly’s campus who are preparing for careers outside of the home are setting themselves and their future children (if they can even find a man who would want to spend the rest of his life with a woman who makes more money than him and only wants to Lord over him) up to add to the already horrific statistics of divorce rates and broken homes.

Liberal Studies majors, stand tall and be proud that you know your place in society: the home.

Jessica Potter

Liberal studies sophomore

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