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1. Figure out how to get around. If you’re lucky enough to have a car, you will quickly learn parking on campus and around San Luis Obispo can be a pain. A more efficient way to get around is by bike or the city bus, which is free for all Cal Poly students. With two bus stops on campus, students can get a free ride downtown within minutes. Psychology senior Jenna Jordan said she rides the bus so she doesn’t have to pay for a parking pass. Check out the bus schedule for exact times and locations.

2. Join a club. There is no better way to make friends than to surround yourself with people with similar interests. Cal Poly has an extensive list of clubs, along with sports, greek life and niche interests.

3. Explore your surroundings. The Cal Poly campus is set in a beautiful part of the world and it should be taken advantage of. There are many great hikes at your fingertips — as a freshman, they are literally right in your backyard. Hike up to the Poly ‘P,’ watch the sunset and stay a while to view the stars.

4. Figure out where you can focus.
 Campus offers a variety of study spots, from the residence hall common rooms to the five floors in Robert E. Kennedy Library. However, if you want to break out from those concrete walls, you may find some inspiration in local coffee shops, such as Kreuzberg CA.

“We offer a large amount of comfortable seating and affordable food,” Kreuzberg employee Carolyn Hiigel said. Kreuzberg also hosts open mic nights and non-intrusive live music, Hiigel said.

5. Give yourself a break.
 Sometimes you just need to remove yourself from the commotion of academic life. This weekend, reward yourself for surviving your first week and go enjoy the beach.

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