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Summer seems endless when you’re living in the moment, but relaxing days turn into weeks and weeks turn into months. Before you know it, fall quarter has arrived. So, what should you do to ensure a fantastic fall quarter? Luckily, here are five ways to prepare for an unforgettable fall quarter.

First, make sure you have registered for all of your classes for the best possible schedule. I know thinking about academics during summer really puts a downer on things, but I cannot stress the importance of staying on top of registration to get your preferred classes. As a very confused and unorganized freshman, I once forgot to update my PolyPlanner and got stuck with the last round of registration. I went into summer with only four units and it wasn’t until open round registration that I was able to register for 16 units. During your “SLO” days of summer, it wouldn’t be a terrible idea to keep registration in mind if you’re aiming for a couple more units or a better schedule. New sections constantly open up without warning and what better way to start off fall quarter than with an ideal schedule.

Secondly, with all that extra time on your hands in between long summer days, use it to your advantage and avoid the mistake I made by consistently updating your PolyPlanner. According to aerospace engineering junior, Josh Buckhalter, planning out all four years has not only made registration easier, but also helped him stay on track with his academic goals. “Sitting down and planning the rest of your year(s) you have left at Cal Poly will allow you to set reasonable academic goals and relieve some of the stress during registration,” he said.” Buckhalter also said that although the idea of planning the rest of your college career at once could be overwhelming, you’ll thank yourself after registration.

Apart from worrying about academics, there’s another way you can prepare yourself for an epic fall quarter—Pinterest. It’s a fun way to kick off fall quarter with a well decorated space. With spare time in the summer months, roaming around Pinterest can solve boredom and turn your empty dorms into something you see on Home and Garden Television (HGTV) through DIY projects and lots of hot glueing. According to political science junior Andrea Amavisca, a majority of her apartment is decorated in finely crafted and affordable decor she made herself from endless hours of scrolling on Pinterest. “Everything is much better with glitter,” she said.

Lastly, utilize summer downtime by interacting with more people. Set a goal to meet new people whether it’s at the beach, a restaurant or just neighbors around the block. An essential part to having a great college experience is by having a great set of friends, so take some risks, push yourself out of your comfort zone, and make new friends.

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